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Essse Cafe Espresso Machine S.12


The machine works exclusively with S.12 Capsules

Thanks to the style of Giugiaro Design, the S.12 machine has a light and modern shape. Elegant and compact, it can fit in any convenient space such as your office, kitchen, workspace, conference room, etc. This technology meets all the essential guidelines to improve coffee extraction and give you the best tasting espresso.

The S-12 functionality offers:

  • Auto switch-off to save energy
  • The drink quantity is programmable
  • Temperature electronic control
  • Illuminated cup area
  • Resin filter arrangement
  • Adjustable grid: two heights
  • Automatic expulsion of the waste capsules
  • 1 Liter water tank (removable)

Technical Information

Dimensions:                              15 x 13 x 8 inches

High Pressure:                          19 Bar

Power:                                          1100 W

Voltage:                                        110V 60 Hz (220 W)

Weight:                                         700 g

Manufacturer:                           Essse Caffe


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Essse Cafe Espresso Machine S.12

Essse Cafe Espresso Machine S.12

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Out Of Stock

About the Roaster

in 1979 the Segafredo family, well-known for their time-honoured tradition in the italian coffee sector, established the Essse Caffè brand in Bologna.
 It was no accident that Essse was spelled with a triple S, with the three S's standing for "Scienza, Sapienza, Specializzazione" (Science, Knowledge, Specialisation), the three values that sum up the Essse philosophy, founded on experience and committed to innovation, and expressed through the consistency of the coffee blends and a constant quest for the best organoleptic properties. Essse caffe mission has always been to deliver top quality products. This is why, right from the start, Essse relied on the scientific support of the Departments of Agricultural Science of the Universities of Bologna, Cesena, and Foggia, a collaboration that continues to this days. Over the last forty years Essse caffe has become leaders in the coffee industry in Italy , with a knowledge base that ranges from fresh coffee beans to the coffee in cup, from roasting to packaging, from professional equipment to espresso coffee-making.
Today, Essse Caffè is a successful brand, well-known in Italy and increasingly established abroad, an acknowledged guarantee for quality. In 2019, Essse Caffe was among the top (5) five, Italian Coffee Roasters in the Horeca Market. Essse Caffe is now operating on a global scale in over (60) sixty worldwide countries.